Tom Who?

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Anchorman 2; Ron Burgandy?

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Kissie Face

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Kate Stoltzfus Breaking Amish

Kate Stolzfus

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Upper Echelon LT

LT Deb

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My Upper Echelon LT friend

Rob excited to be at the lake.

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Sneak Peak Behind FaceFlip PRO

Due to popular vote we decided to start working on the PRO version of our popular app FaceFlip. There will be many new features:

-Mouth Flip
-Nose Flip
-Eye Flip
-Random Button
-No Ads
-No Watermark
-Free updates :)

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How To Create Crazy Funny Pictures In FaceFlip

So you flipped yours and everyone you knows face over and over again. Your looking to make some really crazy and funny photos. Lucky for you we have some advanced features built right into the app. After you take your photo or use one from your library you will notice it will automatically recognize your face.

You also have the ability to make sure your face is properly aligned by holding your finger on one of the eye, nose, or mouth alignment points.

Now here is the really cool part after you align your face and click the clip button you will see that your face is upside down. Take your finger and you can move the face around on the screen. You can also spin the face around and re-size it pinching, stretching, and twisting your fingers.

One way to really make the picture funny is to stretch the face out where it’s much larger than the normal face and make sure to try and make the larger face fit on the head just right. Play with different sizes to get different results.

Have you always wanted to shrink your face? Well your in luck! To do this simply pinch your fingers like your zooming in on the screen to shrink the face. Then make sure it’s just the right size to cover the original face.

This next effect will really make some wild photos. To do this effect make sure you spin the face upside down covering the eyes of the original face giving you the effect it has a upside down nose and mouth. Really wild looking!

The final effect for this tutorial is pretty simple to do. Shrink the face to where it’s just big enough to cover the nose and mouth. Then sit back and enjoy :)

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